Residential Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply your solution?

We use state of the art electrostatic spraying for a fast turn around.

What is an electrostatic sprayer?

These sprayers use a high energy electron beam to ionize the already potent solution. Ionization occurs when an electron is removed from or added to an atom or molecule in its lowest energy state to form an ion in its lowest energy state, by doing so it makes the atom more active.. This process elevates the cleaning power by enabling it to wrap around items and get into spaces normally you can’t get to. It becomes like a heat-seeking missile.

How long do I have to stay out of my home after spraying?

You never have to leave your home or office while our technician is performing our service. We do ask however that you vacate the immediate are while our technician sprays, but within minutes you can re-enter completed area.

Is it safe for people, pets, plants, fabrics, electronics, food, ect.?

Yes, our spray can safely be used around most things, including food and food preparation areas. while safe, you may want to cover up food items not out of danger, but to avoid any unwanted taste added. We use a different spray in residential settings than commercial ones.

How long does the spray last?

While some companies claim there will be a microbial effect for up to 30 days, we avoid using any of those types of claims. In a perfect world, products like ours would retain microbial effect, but due to natural events and human involvement, wear and tear, and natural deterioration, we are uncomfortable making any such claims. We hope to avoid false expectations and hope you will be satisfied with our work and the feeling of cleanliness that surrounds your home. We would rather not make a claim of false expectations and would rather have you enjoy the fact that once you receive this service you have the same feeling for you home as slipping into clean clothes or bed sheets.

How often should we spray?

In residential applications, we recommend a spraying at least every 6 months as you would if spraying for bugs. We can also spray before or after any parties or gatherings you host, such as a graduation or holiday party.

What is the difference between applying through a normal spray bottle and will my furnishing be wet afterwards?

Using an electrostatic sprayer lessens the amout of spray needed to complete a job. While other companies may need up to 40 gallons of solution to spray down 50,000 sq. ft., our sprayers only use approximately 2 gallons to do the same. Our process is not only more efficient and more effective byt boasts a quicker dry time and an ability to reach areas previously untouched. Our products are a no wipe, no rise formula.

At Disinfection Done Right, we believe that 
everyone deserves a clean environment…
that’s why we’ve created a system that 
effectively reduces harmful VOCs and noxious 
gases, while still remaining safe for people, 
plants, computers, and more