About Us

The Good News

DDR has devised a system that is highly effective in pathogen reduction.

The Better News

The process we use is an extremely safe and effective procedure in the reduction of germs that cause sickness, infection, odors and breathing anxiety.

“We partner with clients that have high standards for environmental cleaning – people that prioritize value, as well as evidence”.

All of us, at one time or another, have known someone whose life has been greatly altered by coming in contact with infectious germs. This can can range from accidental contact with an infected person to simply forgetting to wash your hands. When coupled with human error, slowing the spread of diseases and germs is no easy task.

DDR understands the desire to keep yourself and those around you safe, healthy and well.

We will fully support you with our adjunctive cleaning process that reduces pathogens efficiently and safely, round the clock, with little down time or human involvement.

Our passion is to create a cleaner world.

Our goal is to produce a process for killing pathogens that is unequaled in the cleaning and air purification industry, and to reduce the worry caused by less effective cleaning methods that may cost more.

At Disinfection Done Right, we believe that 
everyone deserves a clean environment…
that’s why we’ve created a system that 
effectively reduces harmful VOCs and noxious 
gases, while still remaining safe for people, 
plants, computers, and more