Medical Services

Practical and Tactical Management of Environmental Hygiene in Action

Our System first uses EPA-registered, Board-Spectrum Disinfectants to swiftly kill 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Mold – including Covid-19.

We then position validated air purifiers to slow the regrowth of those pathogens.

Active surface and air purification inhibits the regrowth of pathogen colonies between physical cleanings.  This supplement helps maintain the hygiene of the service area round the clock, whether staff is present or not. 

The units are positioned in anterooms, pressure rooms, triage, procedure rooms, inpatient areas, and anywhere a higher level of cleanliness is the desired result.

The system is mobile, quiet, and designed for use in occupied areas.

Air and Surface Purification is recommended as part of a continuous cleaning program to reduce aerosolized transmission of disease causing pathogens.

At Disinfection Done Right, we believe that 
everyone deserves a clean environment…
that’s why we’ve created a system that 
effectively reduces harmful VOCs and noxious 
gases, while still remaining safe for people, 
plants, computers, and more