Better Health starts with a Clean Environment

Our Disinfection Process

Denature Harmful Pathogens
Disinfect Surfaces
Restore Clean Air

Safely Reduce Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, and Odors to support a healthier clinic and indoor environment!

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The DDR system is an adjunctive cleaning process intended for indoor environmental air and surfaces only. It is not intended to sterilize surgical instruments, medical devices, medical equipment, or any item intended for direct patient care. Results depend on proper implementation and operation of any and all components of the DDR, and can be affected by differences in environments and bio-burdens.

At Disinfection Done Right, we believe that 
everyone deserves a clean environment…
that’s why we’ve created a system that 
effectively reduces harmful VOCs and noxious 
gases, while still remaining safe for people, 
plants, computers, and more