Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to do if we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a person who is either an employee or has visited my facility?

It is widely accepted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the authority on response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COID-19. The recommendation is to remove the infected person or persons from your facility. Follow their route of entry on their way out and provide them with a surgical-type mask to keep them from spreading the virus through coughing and sneezing. Isolate areas that the person visited and remove your employees and others from those areas. all Disinfection Done Right to discuss the situation with you and help you develop a plan.

What are High Level Disinfecting Services?

High level disinfecting services are cleaning procedures that utilize a disinfectant. The EPA has disinfectants listed as follows: a disinfectant is an antimicrobial used on inanimate surfaces and objects to destroy or irreversibly inactivate microorganisms. disinfectants are distinguished into two categories, hospital type and general use (household). Disinfecting services for commercial facilities should use hospital type disinfectants that are used for infection control, as Disinfection Done Right and its franchisees do across the US.
Hich level disinfecting procedures can vary depending on type of facility. First on assessment of the facility to determine needs, then implementing proper chemical and service ranging from deep cleaning, electrostatic-sprayer dispersal, and what products we can provide to further assist in reaching goal.

When Should We Disinfect our Business?

Outbreaks of any kind like Covid-19 or Flu are definite examples of when someone should use high-level disinfecting services at their business. Recurring disinfecting services benefit high traffic businesses who see a lot of customers and employees daily. Facilities like doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals that need to be concerned with infection control benefit from recurring services.
During the Coronavirus crisis and upcoming flu season, it is important to get your facility disinfected or if you have a suspected/confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 or flu exposure. this means you know, or suspect, an employee or customer came into your business while infected with the virus. Disinfecting services are also important for “essential businesses” who need to stay open to support public needs; this so they can remain open and productive for the benefit of not only their business, their employees, but the general good as well.

Should Soiled Areas Be Cleaned Prior to Disinfecting?

Cleaning soiled surfaces prior to spraying allows our disinfectant to be more effective. A layer of dust, oil, and dirt creates a barrier between the surface and disinfectant, prohibiting it from penetrating the microorganisms on the surface.

How long until we can reopen and how long do we have to stay out of the office after spraying?

About 10 minutes following the completion of the spraying, the initiation process will begin. Reopening usually begins an hour after spraying.

Disinfect or Sanitizing?

high level disinfecting services use a disinfectant that according to the EPA when comes in contact with microorganisms in the air or surfaces deactivates pathogen. Sanitizers are primarly used to reduce, but not necessarily eliminate, microorganisms from the inanimate environment to levels considered safe as determined by public health codes or regulations. : wher sanitizers and sanitizing services are best used in relation to food, carpet, or clothing. (EPA) Disinfection Done Right uses a germicidal solution which according to the EPA is: *A germicide is a substance or mixtures of substances that kill a number of microorganisms (e.g., viruses, fungi, and bacteria). Bottom line our solution sanitizes and disinfects. *

Is this safe for people, electronics,food, ect.?

Yes, our commercial products are safe for all applications including electronics. We have products that are safe for food preparation and food service areas.
We may use multiple products for a commercial application. For our commercial clients, we would need to perform an assessment before we can recommend a spraying program.
Upon completion of high-level disinfection spraying services the product dissipates within the hour.

How Much Does Commercial High-level Disinfecting Services Cost?

High-level disinfecting services price ranges vary based on location, size and amout of fizutres. The type of facility and the potential risk involved are also factors. High level disinfecting services pricing is usually calculated based on square footage. Disinfection Done Right calculates pricing based on square footage ranging between 15¢ – 27¢ per square foot while other companies are charging as up to $2.50 per square foot. It is important to keep in mind not only is the chemical used effective against Covid-19 or other pathogens but what are the other effects of the chemical used. Some other cleaning companies are using products which leave a bio film and/or can deteriorate your equipment. Disinfection Done right Hihg-level specialists use a no wipe, no rise, no residue formulas!

*The General Duty Clause of the The Occupational Safety &Health Act of 1970 requires employers to furnish to each worker: *S654. Duties of employers and employees (a.) Each employer: (1) *shall furnish to each of his employees’ employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees. (2) *shall comply with occupational safety and health standards promulgated under this chapter.
(b) *Each employee shall comply with occupational safety and health standards and all rules, regulations, and other issued pursuant to this chapter which are applicable to his own actions and conduct.
*reference (Pub. L. 91-596, 55, Dec. 29, 1970, 84 Stat. 1593 .) 29 USC 654(a)(1).

Please note, Disinfection Done Right High-level disinfection services does not prevent person-to-person transmission or reintroduction of microorganisms to a facility, We highly recommend that you and your employees remain attentive and follow CDC Guidelines for reducing transmission in the workplace!

*When spraying commercially, the business office employees are expected to put their coffee cups, eating utensils, food items. inan area where the spray cannot penetrate. No food prep areas will be sprayed with our product. If you suspect that any items of this nature have come in contact with spray, please wash throughly with appropriate dishwashing soap.

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